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Testimonial - Clive Jones

"I would like to thank Francis and his team for bringing Jack on so much since joining TRSOE. To be part of the ERDPP Jack is well pleased. Again, thank you to everyone that has helped Jack on his journey"


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  • 3-14yr olds


    St John Fisher

    Rookies (6-9yrs) - (Yr.2 - Yr.4) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

    Scholars (10-12yrs) - (Yr.5 - Yr.7) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

    Elites | (13-16yrs) - (Yr.8 - Yr.11) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm




    Rookies (6-9yrs) - (Yr.2 - Yr.4) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

    Scholars (10-12yrs) - (Yr.5 - Yr.7) - Monday: 7:00-8:00pm

    Elites | (13-16yrs) - (Yr.8 - Yr.11) - Monday: 7:00-8:00pm



    Armthorpe Academy

    Rookies (6-9yrs) - (Yr.2 - Yr.4) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

    Scholars (10-12yrs) - (Yr.5 - Yr.7) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

    Elites | (13-16yrs) - (Yr.8 - Yr.11) - Monday: 6:00-7:00pm

Why the Rugby School of Excellence?

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About Us

The Rugby School of Excellence is a new Sports Academy, focusing primarily on core rugby skills that apply to both codes, based in North Leeds and headed up by Ex Great Britain International and Leeds Rhinos player Francis Cummins.

Providing professional yet fun rugby skills coaching to boys and girls aged 6-16 years. Allowing the chance to achieve their full potential, whilst supporting the Rugby playing hotbed of the North.

Whether you are new to Rugby and would like the chance to try a new sport and meet new friends in a fun environment, or whether you are already playing for a school/club, and would like to improve and gain more confidence, then 'The Rugby School of Excellence' is the place to be.

Our qualified, experienced and professional coaches will adapt each training session to meet your requirements. Guaranteeing first class, friendly and affordable expert coaching.

Whilst there are many positive aspects from our local and professional clubs, we have found many factors work against our juniors gaining high level skills.

  • Our UK Climate - This contributes to less passing, especially when the ball is covered in mud or water. We need to develop good core skills from a young age to gain the confidence to pass and catch in poor conditions. Generally all junior coaches have to keep their players and their sessions moving so the children don't get cold or lose interest.
  • Limited coaching time - Most junior coaches have one, possibly two hours of coaching time per week. This leads to prioritising tactical team themes, over individual skill acquisition or practise for individual weaknesses.
  • The pressure to win games - This can influence players, coaches and parents behaviour towards 'How' the game is played, leading to a select number of players dominating carries etc.
  • Both codes of Rugby are a physically dominant sport - Whilst Physicality is a huge bonus at junior level, it can mask or limit a child progression as they grow. Everyone should be encouraged to improve their skills so they can move between positions as they grow.

Conditioning - SPARQ

From the age of 11 years, each pupil will also be SPARQ tested. Giving our coaches the necessary feedback as to where they our pupils fit in Nationally. SPARQ testing really isn't as scary as it may sound. Our coaches plan fun and exciting sessions to test these core skills, making sure enjoyment is No. 1 priority.


Nutrition Seminars

This will form part of our programme for both players and parents to attend.

Psychology Seminars

This will focus on the players ability to rationalise wins, losses, selections or non-selections. Giving them the coping mechanisms to adjust if things don't go according to plan, in games, or life.

physiotherapy Seminars

Every player and their parents will be given top advice on Injury Prevention and treatments. All our players will have access to our excellent Physiotherapists.

Specialist support for our students

Whilst our Students will receive expert Rugby coaching within our Specialist Rugby program there are other benefits that set us apart from other organisations. Every member shall have the opportunity to receive expert coaching, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Psychology.

Our program includes seminars for both the students and their Parents/Guardians to learn all about the disciplines of a professional athlete or simply a healthy lifestyle. Each Student will be entitled to a free consultation with the schools Physio Dave Stringer, which we feel will be a huge benefit for our students throughout their playing season. Each player will have access to our other expert specialists, they include:

  • Psychology - Dr Allan Jonston
  • Physiology - David Stringer
  • Conditioning - Ben Nicholson
  • Nutritionist - Debbie Smith
  • As well as our other expert Rugby Coaches.